Complete Basic Locksmith Course (DVD's)

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Complete Basic Locksmith Course (DVD's)

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Full Basic Locksmith Course
This is a full locksmith course which is all you will need to start your locksmith business or to get a job as a locksmioth. Listed below are descriptions of all seven instructional media videos.

Lock Rekeying Course.
2. Lock Picking Course.
3. Code Cutting and Key Duplication.
4. Learn The Locksmith Business.
5. The Art of Impressioning.
6. Commercial Master Keying.
7. Safe Combination Changing.
Included is the Inventory tool and supply list.


#102 Lock Rekeying Course
1. Lock cylinder removal and assembly
In this segment we cover the cylinder removal and assembly of a wide variety of common residential locksets.

2. Using shim stock.
This section covers the proper use of shim stock in the cylinder removal process; in addition we cover other methods of removing the plug when the old key is not available.

3. Pinning up Kwikset and Weslock.
In this segment we cover in depth the Kwikset and Westlock brands, two of the most common brands found in over 85% of the homes in the US today.

4. Using the LAB multi pin kit.
This section covers the use of the LAB multi pin kit and its 20 pinning charts.

5. Tips and tricks.
This is one of the most valuable segments in this series. It covers 30 years of my own experience of tips and tricks that will save you lots of time.

#101 Lock Picking Course
1. Lock cylinder design
In this first segment we look at the inside of various lock cylinders giving you a good understanding of how most standard locks function on the inside. It is important to have this understanding before one can effectively begin the process of picking a lock.

2. Lock preparation
In this segment we establish some guidelines for pre pairing the lock cylinder for picking. And give a brief description of each of the nine tools in the HPC-15 pick set.

3. Picking techniques
There are only a hand full of various techniques used to open most any lock, in this section we will be covering each of them. There is also a "what if I cant pick it section" some locksmiths would like you to believe they are a cross between James Bond and Houdini but that's not the Real World.

4. Pick selection
In this segment we go through the process of choosing the proper picks and tension wrench used in the picking process based on the various types of lock cylinders. This section is critical to your success.

5. Plug spinner function
In this segment we cover the proper use and function of the RY57 Plug spinner.

6. Pick gun techniques
There are as many techniques in properly using a Pick gun as there is in using a pick set, they are all
covered in this segment.

7. Real World Locksmiths
Most instructional videos have very little real world environment footage. In section seven of this video we take all of the tools shown on this video and give them to various locksmiths, with no prior
coaxing they are asked to pick various locks. You will see every locksmith has his own style, but all
use the basic techniques taught in this video.


#103 Code Cutting and Key Duplication
Learn to code cut keys on your standard key machine using depth keys. Depth keys enable you to code cut keys to master key systems, file cabinet locks and many other types of locks without having an expensive code machine, also covered in this course is the HPC 1200MC code machine, one of the finest code machines on the market to day.

#105 Learn The Locksmith Business

This course is a must. It is packed with marketing tips, available courses, how to set up a mobile van and much more. Ninety percent of the success of any business is knowing what not to do. Everything from purchasing the wrong inventory or tools to staying away from certain advertising that does not produce jobs. The information on this tape spans some thirty years of experience in the locksmith business; just the marketing tips alone are worth the cost.

#104 The Art of Impressioning
Impressioning is the method used to make a key to a lock using just a blank key and a file. This is a true art and a required skill in becoming a first class Locksmith. The art of Impressioning, when learned properly will be an asset to you through out your entire career. This course clearly shows you the tools you will need and the various methods used in key Impressioning. This is a skill used extensively in making keys to cars, file cabinet locks; virtually all wafer and pin tumbler locks and will save you a enormous amount of time and money.

#106 Commercial Master Keying "Two Video cd's"
Commercial Master Keying is probably the biggest money maker in locksmithing. Locksmiths that can go in to a large to medium size company and set up a Master key system will not only make a large sum of money for their expertise but will have a life time account. This course teaches you to do just that. Every thing from Schlage IC cores to setting up and keying a Large Master Key system, pricing and much more.

#107 Safe Combination Changing

This safe combination changing course is a must for the serious locksmith, virtually all companies have one or more safes and have them changed quite frequently. The charge to recombo a safe ranges from $55.00 to $75.00 per safe dial and takes about 5 min. This course teaches you to change safe combinations with the Key Dex safe change key set as well as hand changing safe combos.

#52 Locksmith Inventory Tools and Supply List
When starting out in the locksmith business it is vital to know what inventory and tools you should have on your van, and what quantities. This will save you an enormous amount of money by not purchasing unnecessary inventory or purchasing to many of one product. This list is very extensive; it covers every thing from cam locks to key blanks. Knowing the proper equipment as well enables you to do jobs quickly and efficiently. The accuracy of this list stems from my personal experience of some thirty years as a Locksmith. Half the battle is knowing what and what not to purchase and what quantities. When I first started out in this business a list like this could have saved me plenty. In hindsight its value would have been in the hundreds, this list is included with this course.

Includes Course Exam, which is to be sent in for grading.  After grading a certificate of completion is returned.

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Part Number WH-108


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