Dyno KWICK Pick

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Dyno KWICK Pick

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This well known pick is great for beginners as well and the experienced when picking a lock using the rake method.  The pick is small enough to place in your pocket along with your keys and whatever you want in your pocket.  Comes with retail packaging and instructions.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number KP-100


Needs Work to do OKReview by Chris
Lets start with what this is...because I am not entirely sure it makes a lot of sense. This is simply a retractable steel single double rake pick in an aluminum housing with a wide/thick tension tool. You loosen the top and side thumb screws to release the tension tool (detaches) and the side thumb screw pushes forward against a fairly stout spring, then re-tighten to lock it in the extended position. It is *NOT* any type of mechanical snap gun, it is just a single retractable pick.

Now, that said it is not really good for much beyond master padlocks as it ships. It is great for those - particularly seasoned ones where more torque is needed. The tension tool is too wide for most keyways. The pick is thick and desperately needs polishing out of the box. Yes, you can take your Dremel tool to it, clean it up, thin down the tension wrench and get a decent double rake tool that retracts to the size of a medium sized Sharpie marker with a large side thumb screw.

Yes, I bought one. Hey - I'll try anything once. After cleaning it up it does work but provides crappy feedback. If you are new and looking to attack some simple padlocks or 5 pin Kwicksets it works OK.

So the real question is WHY? For half the price you can buy a Peterson Govt Steel double and tension wrench and throw them in your wallet and have a much nicer pick. For a little more you can buy the Southord pen keychain set with several picks in it. I am just not sure what niche this product was attempting to fill. It is too large and conspicuous to be a concealable and you can do a lot better for the money. The only use I have found for this is to pass it around with some old #3 Master locks to newbies at demo's and not care if they torque it too much. Granted, you can do about the same thing with a couple paperclips. (Posted on 8/31/2014)

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