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Open The Door Book (359 pg.)


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Open the Door Book

There is a review of this book in the May issue of the "Locksmith Ledger."

This is the most extensive of all the books in our collection.  It contains 359 pages of very informative content.  The book was originally written German, but has been translated into English.

The review in the "Locksmith Ledger" stated the following:

Most of the methods described by Michael Buhl can be immediately put to use by locksmith in North America."  The article also stated, "One section of the book is dedicated to procedures for bypassing profile cylinders.  An increasing amount of doors sold in the U.S. for special purposes such as atrium doors or security screen doors are using locks with profile cylinders.  Until this book was published, little information was available on bypass methods for these locks."


The highlights of the book are chapters on:

  • Bumping!  (The newest method of lock manipulation)
  • Lever lock picks ( Hobbs Locks)
  • Pick construction
  • Lock manipulation and bypass
  • Automotive
  • and much, much more

softcover, illus., 359pp.

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