TRS-5000-EVO Stand Alone Cloner +25 Keys

Part Number: TRS-5000-EVO-25

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TRS-5000-EVO Stand Alone Cloner +25 Keys

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Clone T5, TPX1, TPX2, TPX3/4, and TPH keys
Advanages of the JMA TRS-5000-EVO Technology:
  • Keys do not contain batteries (unlike EK technology)
  • Clones more then 90% of the vehicles on the road today
  • Key look like Original OEM keys (unlike EK technology)
This machine will clone (copy) the following technologies:
- TPX1 (4C), and TP05 (T5) Keys]
- TPX Electronic Cloning Module [used to clone TPX2 (4D) Keys]
- TPH Electronic Cloning Module [used to clone TPX3 (Phillips Crypted® 46) Keys]
This package includes:
- TRS-5000-EVO Cloner (+20 keys)
- JMA TRS-5000 software [load to your notebook]
- All Connecting Wires and Power Adapter
- Plus the following Cloneable Transponder Keys:

    • (5) TPX1FO-15D.P  (H72PT RW)
    • (5) Random keys of our choosing
    • (5) TPX4DAT-15.P3 (NI04T RW)
    • (5) TP05HOND-21.P (HD106PT5 RW)
    • (5) TPX2CHR-15.PG (Y160PT RW)

About JMA Cloneable Technology:

One of JMA’s greatest innovations has been the development of our proprietary TPX1, TPX2 and TPX3/4 cloneable transponder chips. By using these chips in conjunction with JMA's legendary TRS5000 unit, you can offer your customer a battery less key with an OEM key head format.

Electronic transponder tool designed to detect, read and clone transponder keys. Specifically designed for cloning Texas Instruments® fixed code and crypto transponders and Phillips Crypted® transponders on to JMA's proprietary TPX1, TPX2 and TPX3/4 glass tag transponders.

Stand alone operation, requires no internet or PC connection.

Developed with ease of use in mind. READ, COPY and you're done.

Free software updates keep your machine up to date and cloning the latest technologies.

PC software, allows for database creation and easy updates.

  • Power supply: 120V, 60 Hz,  9V C.C. 500mA
  • Size and weight: 158 x 76 x 175 ; 600 gr.

This electronic tool (TPH), connected to the TRS-5000 allows for stand alone cloning of Texas Instruments encrypted transponders.

Texas Encrypted Transponders, are commonly found in Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles. Use the TPX Cloner along with our proprietary TPX2 chips for simple read and write cloning.
JMA continues to revolutionize the market. The TRS-5000 + TPH CLONER is the best solution for copying 2nd GENERATION PHILIPS® CRYPTO TRANSPONDERS. 

Phillips Encrypted Transponders are mainly used in GM, Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

By using the TPH Cloner along with our proprietary TPX3/4 chips, stand alone cloning of Phillips Encrypted chips is fast and easy.

Due to the level of encryption found in Phillips transponders, a simple at the car procedure is required in order to correctly clone a key. 

This item comes with a 2-Year Mfg Warranty

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Additional Info

Part Number TRS-5000-EVO-25


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