About LockPicks.com by Brockhage

LockPicks.com is now in its 18th year of operation. We are proud to have a group of loyal customers from all over the world who have been with us since the very beginning. We would like to thank our customers for their support.

LockPicks.com is the direct sales arm of BROCKHAGE Locksmith Tools® (a division of Brockhage Corporation).

The company began in 1997 by providing U.S. made tools to locksmith schools and distributors overseas. We also sold tools and supplies direct to locksmiths online through this website. The company soon began importing select useful tools from around the world and distributing these tools in the U.S., direct and through other distributors. In 2000, we introduced our own line of tools branded, BROCKHAGE®.

Today, BROCKHAGE® tools have become well known worldwide for their quality, endurance, and effectiveness. At the same time, LockPicks.com is becoming more and more well known in the U.S. as a great source for hard to find along with some of the most commonly found locksmith supplies online.

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