Lowest Price Guarantee

If you see this icon on a product detail page, it means that we guarantee the lowest price on that item. If you find the exact item at a lower price, go ahead and enter your order. In the comment section while checking out copy the web address URL from the site where you see the item for less.

We guarantee that we will lower your purchase price to be below the price on the linked page, GUARANTEED! If you see a lower price in a printed catalog or flier, you may need to scan or take a picture of the catalog page with your phone and email it to us. The print offer must still valid and up to day in order for it to be valid.  Please contact us and we will be happy to coordinate the acceptance of your order.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This offer does not apply to products being offered on Chinese websites or emails.  Offers from these companies do not include hefty import duties, brokerage fees, and international freight charges.  All of these things, we have already paid.