FRAMON #2 Code Machine

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FRAMON #2 Code Machine. Recognized Throughout The Industry As The Most Accurate & Durable Code Machine Available.

FRAMON makes some of the highest quality, high precision key machines in the world! This machine is a good example of that reputation.

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Normally: $2,399.00

Your Price: $2,039.49
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Still known throughout the industry as the most accurate and durable code machine around, the Framon #2 has been a locksmith favorite for decades. Built from aluminum and steel and utilizing sealed ball bearings throughout the machine, the Framon #2 Code Machine can withstand a rough ride in a truck or is completely happy in a shop setting. No need to worry about cards or other attachments when you need to cut a key, simply dial in the depths via micrometer and use the interchangeable spacing blocks to get the job done. Included with the Framon #2 Code Machine are six spacing blocks, dial caliper, Depth & Space Manual, a Medeco cutter and high speed steel slotter for safe deposit work. The #2 also includes a free complete copy of our Genericode key code software. Recognized Throughout The Industry As The Most Accurate & Durable Code Machine Available

"This is more than a key machine - it is a key origination system" - October 1995 National Locksmith Article

That alone is probably the best way to describe the Framon #2 Code Machine. When you choose the #2, you enable yourself to originate almost any cylinder key in use today. Here's just a few of the keys you'll be able to cut with the #2:

Framon #2 Code Machine

Now Includes Genericode Me for FREE!

"The Framon #2 is without a doubt the easiest and most accurate code machine I've ever used."
Bill Donoughue, Professional Locksmith
The Framon Depth & Space Manual is the core of the #2 Framon key machine. The keys mentioned above are only a portion of those that you will have the capability to cut. The manual contains:
Over 900 cylinder key charts
18 letterbox charts
32 safety deposit box charts The Real Beauty Of The Machine Is It's Low Cost..... In addition to being less expensive than almost any other code machine, the year-to-year cost of keeping your Framon key machine up to date is also lower than any others: zero! Because the #2 utilizes manufacturers' depths & spaces to originate keys, all you need to do is copy new information into your book (blank pages provided).

Everything You Need In One Package.....

Straight-In Feed: The Framon #2 Code Machine utilizes a straight-in feed approach. The straight-in feed of the #2 provides a perpendicular cut at the root of the key. The flat of the cut will always be the same depth from the left side of the cut to the right. Machines that use a pivot approach can produce keys that turn one way but not the other. The drawing at the right shows the profile of a key cut by a machine that pivots. The different shear lines from the left to the right side of the key lead to the turning problem.

Rugged & Durable: The #2 Framon key machine is made from heat treated aluminum and steel. The carriage moves forward on a pair of steel slides. Spacing and depth movements take place on pairs of steel pins and screws. There are no small gears to strip out and no plastic parts to wear out. We've heard plenty of stories from code machine owners who have dropped the Framon key machine off of their workbench and cut a key with no adjustments needed!

Cutting Keys By Measurement.....Unequalled Accuracy & Simple To Do
The #2 Framon key machine utilizes actual space & depth information to cut keys. Here's how it's done.....

SPACING: To cut a key, you need two dimensions: starting cut (distance from the shoulder to the first cut) and spacing (distance between cuts thereafter), both found in the Depth & Space Manual. Shown at the right is the Schlage chart from our Depth & Space Manual. Schlage cylinder keys use .231" starting cut and .156" spacing. Starting cut is set by zeroing the machine and counting out to .231". Once set, the the spacing block with .156" is aligned. Cut to cut spacing is a simple matter of aligning two index marks.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Part Number FRA2


Customer support is amazing, very rare these days.Review by Keith
I initially had a problem with the calibration. The support person at Framon (Mike) spent over an hour on the phone with me going through all the calibration and set up procedure to finally get things right. 5 stars. Very rare these days to get that kind of assistance. Oh yeah, I guess I should also point out the accuracy of the Fra-2 is without equal. It's intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a code book that contains more codes than any other source. Small, portable and lightweight, I just put it in the service van whenever I need to cut a few keys by code on the job site. You won't be disappointed. (Posted on 9/22/2017)
Timeless perfection, that you can count on to always be accurate!Review by Robert
Like many, I was torn between Framon's #2 and the other beloved classic. I used a friend's "other" originator quite a few times, and it was not always spot on. Another friend of mine has had his #1 machine for over 30 years, and when I had cut keys on his machine, they always came out right.

Since I purchased Framon's #2 code machine, I have cut many automotive keys from code, residential and commercial keys, FIC paddle keys, various Y11 and AP2 keys from code, along with many other automotive keys. This machine has not failed me once. Every time I cut a key, it works perfectly.

I do highly recommend purchasing the wider jaw for automotive keys. It will save you a lot of grief from the key tilting in the jaw. (Posted on 5/21/2017)
Great and versatile machineReview by Nathan
I was torn between this machine and the Blitz, but after a lot of thought, I decided to get the Framon #2. I am very pleased with my purchase and have not regretted it for one moment. I found it very intuitive and easy to understand how to cut keys. I was even able to use the accuracy of the machine in making keys for locks I had impressioned by "tweaking" the numbers to account for worn down pins in the lock. Not a problem for padlocks you can re-pin, but for old Yale, Master, etc, that can't be re-pinned, it worked like a charm. It is sturdy and came with an exhaustive book of key codes. Like I said, I really like this machine and am glad I chose it over the Blitz. I have used both now and am convinced that the Framon is more accurate and versatile. Both are good, but for my money, I am glad I went with the Framon. (Posted on 12/11/2014)

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