Pippin File (4-Cut) (Fine) Best Choice!

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Pippin File (4-Cut) (Fine)

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Locksmith's Pippin File (6")

If you haven't used a pippin pare shaped file before you are in for a treat.  These files are the preferred files for locksmiths.  They are hard to come by now days, but we have them available for you.  In our research we sampled the other pippin files out there and found that they were not true pippin files.  One was not the proper pippin shape and was probably not swiss/ Italian made.  I can assure you that our pippin files are of the highest quality.

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Additional Info

Part Number FI-P-4


Exclusivity keeps the price high, design & quality keeps the vale highReview by Seth
You can go buy cheap Asian files for $4 a set, but after setting up one brass guitar bridge those $4 files were junk. These files will file everything from plastic to blue spring steel. The shape is so versatile that a skilled locksmith, jeweler or luthier can accomplish a multitude of tasks with one. The quality is about as good as it gets too. I mentioned filing blue spring steel, well, I do guitars, guns, electronics, locks, clocks etc. Yeah, I think $60-$80 is a bit absurd, but no one else makes this pattern. These will make super quick work of brass key blanks. They notch mild steel saddles on guitars, and will even cut blue spring steel. I have had to use flat, pillar or warding files on springs in guns to fine tune the action. Blue spring steel does not like to be filed down, but it can be done, and these files are of the quality it takes to file spring steel, and not destroy the files in the process. I look for bargains on tools where ever I can find them. If that means luthiers suppliers, lock smith suppliers, jewelers suppliers, gun smith suppliers, or chain saw maintenance suppliers, whomever has the best prices & products. (Posted on 4/22/2016)

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